2014.04.25 tdc838

Assignment:  Will U mean the end of Y? Newspapers seem to prefer publishing bad news. Often we can read about “the end of” something. E.g. “Will MOOCs mean the end of universities?” as the head line, followed by some depressing analysis.

Write your own bad news story using the headline “Will U mean the end of Y?” You can substitute “u” with anything you want, even with “you”. Feel also free to substitute “Y” with anything you’d like, even with “why”.

Make the story sensational!


Will Zero Time mean the end of AstroComfy’s Daily Create run?
Lately, there has been zero time. What does it mean for completing the Daily Create? First off, it means AstroComfy is always late! This will not do! Second, AstroComfy is going to be out on summer vacation soon here, there’s not going to be any time that week for Daily Create because there will be a lot of food to eat on the cruise ship. Whatever will become of AstroComfy?


(Image from: http://c3270052.r52.cf0.rackcdn.com/cruiselines/norwegiancruiseline.jpg)


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