2014.02.27 tdc781

Assignment: Write a Sensationalized Article Based on ds106, art, and sharks. ds106 + Art + Sharks… use Hubspot’s Random Blog Title Generator for five possible titles for a story worthy ofsites like BuzzFeed or Cracked. Choose one, but be sure to use the other two words not in the title as major components of your trending post.

The Worst Advice We’ve Ever Heard About Art

A collection of the Top 5 Worst Advice ever given (or taken) about art:

1. Study all the works of Thomas Kinkade in depth.

2. Realize that there are no happy little trees.

3. Just paint sharks.

4. Stealing is faster than practicing.

5. Ignore daily inspirations, such as ds106.

And there you have it, pretty much the worst of it! Have a great day!


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