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The Savior’s Dream by Peter Stine

Rebecca Goode thinks she’s found a man who loves her, her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. But another man, Satan, tempts her with his lustful ways. How can Rebecca choose between two fantastic lovers, one fairer than the children of men, the other the great dragon which deceiveth the whole world?

Determined to win her heart (and soul) Jesus will do anything to win Rebecca. Is his dream merely a dream, or can the Lamb of God turn his dreams and fantasies into reality?

A sharp departure from Peter Stine’s previous books dealing with maritime adventures, “Guardian of the Waves” and “The Dwindling Waves”, “The Savior’s Dream” is an epic, erotic thriller, pitting good against evil, virtue against sin. Who will prevail?


(Image found at: http://t.fod4.com/t/1122d741b1/c480x270_58.jpg)


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