2014.01.31 tdc754

Assignment: WE NEED MORE TIME! Write a petition with a suggestion on how to change the calendar.


Petition for Fewer Winter Months

My petition is informal, though nonetheless important.

After yet another day of sub zero temperatures here in sunny Minnesota, I petition that the calendar include more summer, spring, and fall months. That way it will be warmer for more of the year and we’ll have more time to do things outside. The calendar would look something more like this:
December and January: Winter
February- April: Spring
May-August: Summer
September-November: Fall
Someone will have to consult with the weather and show them the new calendar to make sure they are on board.
Snow will only be allowed to fall in the months of December and January, and when it does, it will only be allowed to fall on ski slopes and pine trees.
It would also be good to shorten tornado season, and ask that they stop touching down on top of houses and such.


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