2014.01.24 tdc747

Assignment: Create a Slogan and An Advertising Brief to Help Sell Canada. Apparently Canada needs a new slogan — is the best a marketing firm can come up with is “Canada: Impossible happens here”? Sad. David Kernohan thinks this is important. Develop a new slogan and include some bits of an advertising brief to accompany it (See Ad Cracker’s sample brief for ideas). An entire nation’s economic future is hinging on your creativity!


We’re Gonna Sell the Shit Out of Canada!

Client / Client contact information:
Canada at canada@canada.canada

Sell Canada!!!

Prepared by:
AstroComfy (Canada- call me. Let’s make this thing happen!)


Canada- it needs a new slogan… I mean, come on! “Canada- Impossible happens here.” Really, Canada? What are you, a small circle of the Middle East during biblical times? Let’s get real, let’s get modern…

We’re gonna sell the shit out of Canada!

Our target audience, those people we really want to reach, are those people who live in the Northern part of the United States who don’t have a lot of money, but still want to pretend that they go on a vacation at least once a year- they might choose Canada. Let’s corner that market.

The most important thing to state clearly: Let those middle class hillbillies know that Canada has the best cheap vacations, and if they get drunk and fall into a fire here while they’re hanging out, they can also obtain some pretty sweet healthcare and medications.

We’re suggesting: “Canada- come for the drunken bonfires, stay for the awesome healthcare (after you fall in the fire).”


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