2014.01.12 tdc735

Assignment: Describe your morning as an opening to a suspense story.

Turkey Bacon Kind of Morning

The grey, hazy fog hung low in the air. What’s happening? I can’t see straight. Shouldn’t have had so much wine last night… Somehow, I manage to stumble to the refrigerator and pull out the turkey bacon. Quietly, carefully, placing each slice onto the baking sheet. Fresh ground black pepper on all of those delicious slices, that’s the ticket. The oven, wait! Is it pre-heated yet? It’s okay, we can still make it happen- just have to focus, get your head in the game, kid. Crank that oven to 400 degrees, really make it sweat. Stick that turkey bacon in the oven, set the timer for about 8 minutes. Quietly pad around the house, check Facebook, is there time?? There’s time. 8 minutes is up- but the turkey bacon needs to go a minute or two more. Quick, reset the timer for another minute, but stay right by the stove- you don’t want to burn two pans of turkey bacon… Watch it, wait for it. It’s finally done, hear the sizzle. Pad it all down with some paper towels, and then grab four slices for this morning. The rest will be wrapped up to eat during the week. The morning was a bacon roller coaster ride of mystery and intrigue.


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