2014.01.07 tdc 730

Assignment:  Write an Article by a Random Mad Scientist. Use the first five phrases you can get from John’s Jargon Generator and include them to write an abstract of a realistic sounding scientific paper.

Matrix Robust Platforms in the Extension of Internet Designs

(Phrases from the Jargon Generator in quotes.)

“Matrix robust platforms” are currently an emerging force in the use of the world wide web for business purposes. In order to study these platforms, our team attempted to “document author-generated taxonomies” as they occurred in the matrix platforms. The team accomplished this by not only studying data from website analytics, but also by a meta-analysis of the “archive entity-relationship indexes” currently available. In doing so, the team was then able to “synthesize relevance feedback methodologies” in classifying the types and uses of the matrix platforms. After consideration, eliminating any author-generated taxonomies will allow business to “extend internet designs” for the matrix platforms and, in the future, be much more productive with all of their jargon.


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