2014.01.05 tdc728

Assignment: Dialogue with a task you’ve neglected. Take an important yet undemanding task that you’ve put off for some time. Personify it however you like and then write a short dialogue where you explain why you’ve neglected it. Go overboard on the drama.


I know, I know. You were supposed to be done on Friday.

You just don’t understand, I have a real job with real responsibilities. I had to work a long day on Friday, and it was a brutal day. One of my worst yet. I just didn’t have it in me to make a vase that night, okay?

Yes, I know I somehow had time to get drunk. So what??? I can make the vase any time, it’s not like Friday was a hard deadline!!!

All right. You win. Vase is made. Assignment complete. Now back to drinking.


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