2013.12.17 tdc709

Assignment: Find a random book. Go to page 42. The first complete sentence on that page is the start of your story. Find another book. Go to page 42. The last complete sentence on that page is the end of your story. Write everything in between than makes a story to connect these sentences (and let us know the books you used).

“The fact that I am writing this book on an IBM typewriter, and not with a quill pen dipped in homemade ink, is almost wholly due to a nondescript-looking moth called Bombyx mori, otherwise known as the silkworm.”

While I sit here contemplating the sad existence of the silkworm, and how much we humans have come to prey off of its better (or perhaps ignorant) nature, I begin to think of other creepy crawlies who like to prey on us.

Plasmodium is a genus of parasitic protzoa, with its infectious agent much more commonly known: malaria. I myself cannot be infected with malaria even though I do not travel, as I take hydroxychloroquine for an auto-immune disease Take that, developing world mosquitoes! Plasmodium always has two hosts in its fairly deadly life cycle: a mosquito who passes the infection along and a vertebrate host who becomes infected to varying degrees.

Plasmodium first invades red blood cells, and they clump up in balls under the cells making an odd, goosebump like appearance.
“Plasmodium then pierces the goose bumps with sticky molecules that can grab hold of receptors on the cells of the blood vessel walls.”


Books used:
Insects, The Creeping Conquerors and Human History by Carson I. A. Ritchie

Parasite Rex by Carl Zimmer

(I mostly read non-fiction. That’s just how it is…)


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